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We don’t know each other – well, not in person, because we’ve never met. Neither you know who I am, but I’m here taking the time for writing a few things to you.

Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen!Open letter to a Friend

When I first listened to your Music in 2010 I didn’t know who you were: everything I knew at that time was that your “Radio Nowhere” totally blew me away! I started from there, in a land so far away from your beginning as a songwriter that you could imagine how much I had to listen to your Music and how much I had to know about your career.

So, I started discovering and immediately something special happened, something that never happened before: the more I knew, the more I wanted to know; the more I listened, the more I wanted to listen. It was never enough. You came into my life like a lighthouse: I was the fisher and you showed me the path, lighting up everything in the night!

I learned so much from you… starting from the approach to life.

You taught me that failing is not such a bad thing as we think because the failure is part of our life: what really makes the difference is if we recognize it and HOW we admit it to ourselves.

You immediately became a sort of friend, someone I couldn’t talk to but someone that talked to me, with his Music, opening his heart and – last but not least – showing his soul.

The soul: this is what makes you different from every other artist I could listen to or support. Since that first time I listened to your Music I immediately understood how much of yourself you put into writing.

Well, that’s what every songwriter usually does”, maybe you’re saying. Usually, but that’s not what always happens.

What I perfectly remember is the first time I listened to your “[easyazon_link identifier=”B00136JM6S” locale=”US” tag=”ascoltieracom-20″]The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle[/easyazon_link]”. Feelings | Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen - Open letter to a friendYou wrote every song of that album when you were more or less 22; what I thought after my first listening was: “How could have been possible that a 22 years old guy wrote these songs? How could have been possible that he composed such a masterpiece like “New York City Serenade” is?”.

I was totally astonished! Then I started discovering your life and there I understood how you did it. You came across an endless writing and evolution process, something that started from your inner voices and that’s not over. Your first two records didn’t sell well, so you entered the studio and recorded “Born to Run“, “the greatest record you had ever heard” – just to quote your own words.

Nothing comes easily in life, even if you are a songwriter and you’re reaching for the success. You made three records before you came to it and do you know why? Because dreams are complicated, but you struggled and fought to keep that dream alive!

This is a point you’ve known very well, especially thinking about your father and the relationship you wanted to build and that you didn’t have with him.

You started from nothing and you earned every single dime you have today. You started composing – day after day – talking to people, sharing your thoughts through your songs. You showed yourself, your weakness and, sometimes, your limits.

I think about “Independence Day”: the first time I listened to it in a concert was this year, on July 3rd, in Milan (Night 1).

Even before you started singing I was already crying. The reason for my tears was what you said just before the first verse: “This is the first song I wrote about fathers and sons”. It was enough for me to understand how much you faced, for decades, your feelings and the idea you had about your father. Every Springsteen’s fan knows how you suffered for that, but I didn’t imagine how listening to you pronouncing those words could have been so intense for me. It’s been a sort of connection, a sort of empathy I felt that let me understand much better every feeling you had in the past about that complicated relationship.

You talked about it in the interview you released last week at CBS:

[…] He came in and he said: “You know, you’ve been really good to us. I wasn’t so good to you” and I said: “Well, you did the best you could”. It was a small thing but it was everything that immediately changed our relationship. That was a lovely apologue to our relationship.

When it happened you were becoming a father for the first time, so things for you were changing again. It happened in 1991, more than fifteen years later you came to success, but even if you were so famous you were still struggling for that.

This is why you’re different. You’ve always been the person behind the artist and before the icon you became. You’ve never forgotten your roots, you’ve never lost your soul, you’ve never lost your humanity.Feelings | Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen: open letter to a friend!

And what about your depression?

This is my confession: I need your heart in this depression

you sing in “This Depression”.

You wrote this song for “Wrecking Ball”, a record that talks about the economic crisis the America faced after 2009. I have to admit it: when I listened to it I really thought you wrote it for the economic depression your country was facing, but now I know you weren’t talking about money – not only about that.

You were talking about yourself and what I thought was a generic “I need your heart”, it was for Patti instead, the woman that you still love after 25 years of marriage.

Even a person like you can be weak and you’ve never hidden your “dark side” or your fears.

This is why you’re different: because you’ve always been one of us, part of us. You’ve always talked with us, not only “to us”, always listening what we had to say.

Today you turned 67 and to celebrate your birthday you releaseChapter & Verse“, the companion album to “Born to Run” – the autobiography you wrote in the last seven years of your life.

Even this time I’ll buy them, because this is my way to say a huge “Thanks” for everything you’ve done for me, for now – even if you don’t know me.

This is your day, my friend, and I wish you all the best.

Happy Birthday, Bruce Springsteen!

Greetings from Italy, the country that loves you, the country you love.

Mauro Abbatescianna.

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These are just my thoughts, what I wanted to say to Bruce. I want to thank you for reading until the end: thanks from the bottom of my heart. Before publishing this open letter to him I wasn’t sure in doing it, then I started writing and… here we are!

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